Texas Tulip


We drove to Pilot Point, TX last Sunday for some tulip picking and photos of course.  It’s less than 30 mins drive from McKinney and the drive close to Pilot Point is quite scenic I think.

$3 per person and $2.50 per tulip so watch out about picking because you can easily pile them up and it can get expensive.

Texas Tulip_0842

It started as gloomy and cloudy but the sun eventually peeked and we got some decent sunlight close to the end of our visit.  I wish we could’ve stayed a little longer to get some magic hour lighting but these will do I guess.

Texas Tulip_0816Texas Tulip_0829Texas Tulip_0840Texas Tulip_0844

I also use the Polaroid back of the Hasselblad with Fujifilm FP100c .


I’m waiting for a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 shot using the Rollieflex T.  I’ll Update this blog when I get those.

The rest of the photos are from the Hasselblad 503cx and CFV-50c back.  CF 80mm Planar and CF 50mm FLE Distagon for some close up of the Tulips.

Texas Tulip_0835Texas Tulip_0834Texas Tulip_0831Texas Tulip_0824Texas Tulip_0823Texas Tulip_0817Texas Tulip_0814Texas Tulip_0832


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