McKinney Film Photography Club


UPDATE:  I found a Facebook film photography group.

Its not McKinney but it serves North Texas which of course include McKinney.


I held a few workshops about photography before for beginners to get proper exposure.  Nothing serious, just a bunch of friends with their cameras and understanding the trio of exposure controls.  The workshop is mostly on how to not ruin your photo than taking great photos so it’s really for beginners and not much more.  For the past 5 years I shifted to film little by little and I’m at a point where I do almost 50/50 with film and digital shooting.  I started with film with my dad’s Canon A-1 which currently in the shop for some CLA.  More on that when I get the camera back. If you regularly visit this blog, you get to see a lot of processed film using Kodak Fujifilm, etc.  So… I started searching for local clubs that still shoot film or use analog cameras.  I couldn’t find any clubs that still cater to film around Mckinney but I’ll broaden my search to include the entire county later.  What I found though :

They are based in Mckinney but serve North Texas which is quite a large area.  I think it’s a really cool group but I think they are mostly digital and software based processing.  I message the GM if there’s a film section about an hour ago so I’ll update this blog when I get a response.  Hopefully there is a film portion so I don’t need to do more search or even start one up.

I’m a darkroom printing noob, so I’m hoping to get some information about this and share some knowledge about how little I know about analog photography in general.  I started printing some of my photos before using printing service. I want to be able to print them myself in the future.

Shot using my Rolleiflex T and Kodak Portra 800.

Kodak Portra 800 Cracker Barrel Mobile, Alabama

7 thoughts on “McKinney Film Photography Club

    1. I really need to learn how to print and it so cool that you do your own! I haven’t receive any response from the GM of the North Texas club. I’ll spread the word if there’s enough interest we can start one I think.

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      1. Yes, I did darkroom back in the day, quite seriously. I even converted my 8 x 10 camera into an enlarger LOL. Recently built a new darkroom, one enlarger for up to 6 x 7, the other for up to 5 x 7 inch negs. There’s a Jobo processor for the film, archival washer, sink, the whole nine yards. Let me know, and thanks.

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