Wittnauer Chronostar Kodachrome lenses.

UPDATE:  The lenses are actually D mount and not C mount as listed on ebay.  They are too small even for a tiny c mount therefore an adapter is needed.  D to C mount ordered.  Ill just do a new post once I can get some photos out of these lenses.

When Kodak announced that they are manufacturing a Kodak super 8 camera I got excited.  I never got the chance to use motion film,  only on stills.  I’ve always loved the 8mm look from films I’ve seen shot by families uploaded online or from TV back in the days.  It’s amazing how they got the focus and exposure correct.  The shaky cam effect from hand holding the camera gives it that signature homemade 8mm look and feel.

CES 2016 happened, then 2017.  Still no final dates for the release of the Kodak super 8 camera.  But that doesn’t stop me from getting ready for it when it arrives hence these three tiny c mount lenses.  These will fit the camera nicely and the super 8mm film hopefully.  I’ll try them today using a Blackmagic pocket cinema camera and I’ll report back here.
God bless,



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