Kapampangan/Filipino Christmas delicacies.

My parents are spending their Christmas at our home this year so I requested some Filipino delicacies that my mom usually prepares.  Filipino food might not be the correct term since I only know two that are originally from the Philippines.  The rest are from Spain, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Mesoamerica, etc.  But anyways, these are the Kapampangan(Pampanga) versions.  These are prepared throughout the year and not just during Christmas time.  Missing in action is the Bibingka because I make that all the time.


Bobotu – Kapampangan Tamales.

Bobotu is very different from the mesoamerican tamale.  Key ingredients are coconut and rice.  Achuete is used for coloring to give it a two tone look with chicken, egg and garbanzo for toppings.  Although you can put whatever you want for the toppings, chicken and eggs and sometimes peanuts are the more traditional ones.  Steamed for 20 minutes and its ready!



Suman Bulagta –



Okoy –

Okoy is made of young papaya, shrimp paste and rice flour colored with achuete.  With shrimp as toppings.


Kalame Nasi/Calabasa.


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