Sunday photos with friends.

Hanging out with friends after church on Sundays has become more of a tradition now.  It’s a great way for me to practice my focusing skills with the Hasselblad with tons of friends as models!  I got a chance to test the CF 180mm Sonnar lens hand held if it’s something that I can do for long periods of time.  It is heavier than the Planar 80mm but I think I can manage the weight and the front heavy nature of the lens when paired with the Hasselblad.


I got a chance to take senior photos of Shane using the 180mm.  I think the photos turn out good.  The focusing on a long focal length lens is always challenging to me but I ended up keeping about 80% of the shots.  A vast improvement from last month using the 503cx.


And finally to cap off the night, a performance by Izza at the Dallas Myers Symphony Center.  Congratulations to Jerry and Marcia!  Izza’s performance was awesome and my family would definitely be back to see her again this Christmas for another performance.


Photos:  Hasselblad 503cx 35th Anniversary,  CF 80mm Planar T* f/2.8, CF 180mm Sonnar T* f/4.



6 thoughts on “Sunday photos with friends.

    1. I can finally say now that I’m comfortable using it. I’m still slow focusing but 80% are keepers now, and like you said it helps with the digital back to practice. The Hasselblad is the hardest camera to focus!


        1. I still get some back and front focusing issue using the 80mm. But I’m getting better each time I use it. It’s funny how its so much easier it is to manually focus the Rolleiflex now when compared to the Hasselblad.


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