Carl Zeiss CF 180mm Sonnar T* f/4 for Hasselblad V system.

The CF 180mm f/4 is solidly built and when paired with the 503cx  it makes the camera front heavy but with enough practice can be easily hand held.

Primarily for  portraiture use but it is also a great lens for landscape.  It is very sharp even at wide open and it creates pleasing bokeh for close up portraiture work.

Photos:  Leica X (typ 113).



4 thoughts on “Carl Zeiss CF 180mm Sonnar T* f/4 for Hasselblad V system.

    1. Hey Patrick!
      I got it based on your recommendation. I was looking at the 150mm because of size and weight but you’re right about the look of the 180mm. I can also use it for landscape and maybe get some extension tubes for macro work. Loving it so far and learning its focusing quirks. I miss auto focus!



      1. The 180mm was supposedly one of those “it” lenses back in the day. I almost bought one myself but someone bought the one I wanted…too slow :). Manual focus can be difficult lol…but I imagine it’s well worth it when you get a good image out of that lens.


        1. I got a mint copy. Came with the box, manual and receipt. I need more practice with the 180mm, the weight and the magnification of the digital back is making it a little challenging hehe. But it’s very doable hand held.


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