Hasselblad 503cx 35th Anniversary Platinum.



Since acquiring the Hasselblad 3 weeks ago,  I’ve been using it exclusively. I didn’t really get a chance to take photos of it other than the initial iPhone shots when it first arrived.  I’m using a Leica X typ 113 to shoot the Hasselblad.  This is my favorite point and shoot digital camera and I’ll cover and take photos of it in the future.

I have a CFV-50c digital back, A12 Film Back and a Polaroid back for the Hasselblad.  I tried the Polaroid last week but I ruined an entire roll since I messed up pulling the tabs.  I’ll also blog about that when I get more FujiFilm FP100c instant film, take some sample shots and scan the negatives. I still need to finish 5 rolls of Kodak Film and 5 rolls of Fujifilm Pro 400H before I can feature the film back of the Hasselblad.


2 thoughts on “Hasselblad 503cx 35th Anniversary Platinum.

    1. Thanks! It’s a little struggle with the focusing since the tolerance on focus when using a digital back is very small. I do so much better when I use film on the Hasselblad.


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