Virtual Reality – HTC Vive

The HTC Vive
Designed by Valve, manufactured by HTC.

I’ve been playing video games for the past 30+ years now.  IMHO, not much have changed in gaming regarding experience and immersion since first experiencing walking and running in  Mario 64,  the faux 3d first person of Wolfenstein 3D and now Virtual Reality(VR).  And not just any VR since theres plenty out there now like the Oculus Rift, Samsung VR and Playstation VR.  None of those VR set gives you what HTC and Valve calls a room scale experience.  If you’re not using the Vive right now, you pretty much sit  and looking around using a gamepad or a keyboard.  You don’t get to walk around, jump or worse run with headset and hit a wall.

I preordered the Oculus Rift but ended up getting the Vive because of its motion Controllers.

HTC Vive Motion Controllers
You can use them as hands, swords, guns etc…

The Oculus Rift will get their version of motion controls called Touch Controls,  but they are still delayed at the time of this post.  The tracking of position of the Vive is simply amazing.  It uses two sensor blocks the you can mount to light stands or pretty much just put on top of bookshelves or any tall furniture.


The computer needs to be up to VR standards.  You can get a free app for both Vive and Rift to test your computer if its VR ready.  The photos below are some that I captured while playing Ritchie’s Plank Experience.  Basically you use a real world wooden plank, you measure its dimension in the game and it recreates it and put outside of an elevator 500 feet up.  So those with fear of falling, you might want to do some researching first.

All photos from Hasselblad 503cx and CFV-50c back.


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