Medium Format films.

I started filming with the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye using Ektar 100 strictly for daylight again after getting familiar with the brownie’s charm and quirks.  As long as I don’t shake the camera when I hit the shutter I think the Brownie is still a very capable camera.

The Fujifilm PRO 400H is for Fall colors since I don’t have  Fujifilm Velvia’s vivid colors or maybe because it’s expired(6/16).  I  think Velvia is the best for landscape and perfect for the fall season.  I’ll substitute the Ektar for now use the Bronica GS-1 since I have a 50mm lens that would cover my landscape photos well.


God bless,



Digital and Analog film.
Digital and Analog film.  Background courtesy of hehe.
Black & White TRI-X
It’s been a while since I shot B&W ever since BWC only processed C-41.
Time to restock!
I used the Hasselblad 503CX and CFV-50c back for the photos.



2 thoughts on “Medium Format films.

  1. Hi Dane,

    Nice article, and nice pic up there haha :). Thanks for the mention! I LOVE Velvia…do you remember Reala? That my favorite print film ever.




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