Epiphone ES-175 Premium with Gibson 57 Humbuckers

I got sick over the week and I’m still recovering from a cold virus.  The plan to test the Hasselblad and to practice focusing went nowhere since I got dizzy looking down at the viewfinder.  I felt better the later part of yesterday and I was able to get my Epiphone ES-175 Premium for a setup, new strings and fix the loose wiring inside that messes with the cable contact.  I picked it up today and it sounded great so I decided to take photos of it while it was still clean.  The ES-175 has a matted finish which I really like.  It’s a little tricky positioning the guitar for photos so that it doesn’t look too flat.

All photos taken with the Hasselblad 35th Anniversary Platinum and the CFV-50c back.  I’m getting really comfortable focusing at f/2.8.



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