Samples files from Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back


UPDATE:  Been practicing with focusing handheld at 1/60 and the results are getting better.  I have ways to go in matching the Rolleiflex focus.

Both Hasselblad body and back arrived last night but I wasn’t able to test the back since it came late.  While I picked up some processed films from Goodies Texas camera store around noon time, I decided to test the new setup and took a few shots from the Hasselblad.  It wasn’t the ideal lighting scenario but I was eager to test the focus using just the waist finder.  The live view from the back is ideal for true precise focus but I wanted to test if I could get close using manual focus and my eyeball.  I think I came close but it was not easy.  I find the Rolleiflex and Bronica to focus much faster and more accurate.  I’m not sure if I need to send it for calibration to get a more accurate focus but I think I’ll test it out some more.

God bless,









3 thoughts on “Samples files from Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back

  1. Hi Dane,

    Nice shots! The Hasselblad can be a difficult camera to focus. Have you been trying it a lot with the magnifier? That helps me a lot but when I fold it away, sometimes the camera can move a bit, and there goes the focus lol. Looking forward to more shots,




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