Hasselblad 503CX 35th Anniversary Platinum…is here!



After being held in customs for my non payment of customs fee, (I didn’t know because I didn’t read anything from ebay) its finally here!  I bought the camera from ebay seller rx7nofd3shiroaki.  I received it after just 2 days from Japan!  The camera is in mint condition and the tripod plate is very clean.  I’m still waiting for the digital back so in the meantime I will try and shoot a roll of film.  Patrick from findingrange.com recommended the eBay seller and I couldn’t be more happier.  Patrick himself owns a Hasselblad 503CW Millennium from the same seller.  It works exactly like my Bronica and Rolleiflex,  the focusing is a bit more challenging than the Rolleiflex but the focusing screen is very bright (Acute Matte).

So far I have tried all apertures and shutter speeds and everything seems to be working fine.  The CF 80mm lens is very clean, no dust and it also has the 35th anniversary skin wrap around the focusing ring.

I don’t use straps on any of my camera except for the Rolleiflex leather case since I don’t want to loose it.  But I’m really considering using one on the Hassy especially when I attached the digital back for added protection….maybe,  we’ll see.  For now some photos of the 503cx.  I’ll have more photos of the camera later after shooting with a roll of film.

God bless,



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